Happy New Year!!!!

I am not big on resolutions these days but, I was hoping to make a piece of art everyday. I still may get to that but, first we organize!!!!!

So organizing and sorting and selling, giving away and well purging is the real RESOLUTION of 2019.

I am selling many things on ebay. Along with things I sell normally art, vintage, handmade and new I am selling some art work that I have collected through the years. Not because I don’t love it but, because I am preparing my life for something new. I sure hope that people are not offended by my decision to do so. I have seen my past work in an antique mall, at an auction and more and it doesnt bother me that someone has moved on from what they bought from me. I am happy that they felt it had some value to be re-sold. My friend Robbie says you haven’t made it until your work ends up at the GOODWILL.

After loosing my Ed I am not as happy in my city without him. The everyday goings on of being in an urban area around a hospital, group home, family center and now a neurological hospital for the criminally insane are bringing me down. I am seeing and feeling a move in my future. This isn’t going to happen anytime soon but, I am in the wrapping my head around it stage. When you np longer have a person who has a day job everything is much harder like getting a mortgage. Plus, there is the where do I go? What can I afford? and more. So I am starting the process of going through everything in my house and studio. I will always be a Hoosier and I will not be far away.

Wish me luck!

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Jenny Elkins
Its SNOWtime!!!

My last sale of the year is quickly approaching!  I hope you can join me in my garage showroom Friday November 30 12-4pm, Saturday December 1st 10-4pm or Sunday December 2nd 12 to 4pm.  1401 Lesley Avenue on the eastside of Indianapolis in the Irvington suburb called Community Heights. 

I use to have a HUGE personal snowman collection and then I started moving and whittled them down to a much smaller number but, I guess I still have a collection of my own snowmen creations.  They are so friendly and well when its cold and snowy you need a smiling snowman around. 

I have very much enjoyed seeing everyone at my sales here at my garage showroom this year.  It brings back great memories of having my shop on Mass Ave. (I still miss it very much)  I made so many friends from that time and you are all still supporting me and loving on me and I am truly thankful.  xoxoxo

Jenny Elkins
Newport Hill Climb

I went to the Newport Hill Climb earlier this month for the second time. I enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time I went. My man-friend Rick took me last year. (hard to call a 60 year old a boy!!! He definately is a MAN!!!) Being a car guy he’s been many times. It is located in Western Indiana, a good 2 hours from the big city of Indianapolis. My mom and step dad Jim and I left early in the morning and headed west. I thought it would be fun to drive through some small towns and ditch the interstate. We had a beautiful day and it was super fun watching the cars and motorcycles that were 1941 or older or if the company is out of business like Stutz Automobile for example (A car that was once made in Indy) drive up the only (real) hill around.

Of course where there is a festival there is food and a flea market. Here’s some pictures from our day. The first weekend in October. Google Newport Hill Climb for more information.

Jenny Elkins