Newport Hill Climb

I went to the Newport Hill Climb earlier this month for the second time. I enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time I went. My man-friend Rick took me last year. (hard to call a 60 year old a boy!!! He definately is a MAN!!!) Being a car guy he’s been many times. It is located in Western Indiana, a good 2 hours from the big city of Indianapolis. My mom and step dad Jim and I left early in the morning and headed west. I thought it would be fun to drive through some small towns and ditch the interstate. We had a beautiful day and it was super fun watching the cars and motorcycles that were 1941 or older or if the company is out of business like Stutz Automobile for example (A car that was once made in Indy) drive up the only (real) hill around.

Of course where there is a festival there is food and a flea market. Here’s some pictures from our day. The first weekend in October. Google Newport Hill Climb for more information.

Jenny Elkins