Happy New Year!!!!

I am not big on resolutions these days but, I was hoping to make a piece of art everyday. I still may get to that but, first we organize!!!!!

So organizing and sorting and selling, giving away and well purging is the real RESOLUTION of 2019.

I am selling many things on ebay. Along with things I sell normally art, vintage, handmade and new I am selling some art work that I have collected through the years. Not because I don’t love it but, because I am preparing my life for something new. I sure hope that people are not offended by my decision to do so. I have seen my past work in an antique mall, at an auction and more and it doesnt bother me that someone has moved on from what they bought from me. I am happy that they felt it had some value to be re-sold. My friend Robbie says you haven’t made it until your work ends up at the GOODWILL.

After loosing my Ed I am not as happy in my city without him. The everyday goings on of being in an urban area around a hospital, group home, family center and now a neurological hospital for the criminally insane are bringing me down. I am seeing and feeling a move in my future. This isn’t going to happen anytime soon but, I am in the wrapping my head around it stage. When you np longer have a person who has a day job everything is much harder like getting a mortgage. Plus, there is the where do I go? What can I afford? and more. So I am starting the process of going through everything in my house and studio. I will always be a Hoosier and I will not be far away.

Wish me luck!

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Jenny Elkins